2016 Ashesi University Admission forms

By | December 29, 2015

2016 Ashesi University Admission forms

You will love this place…

Ashesi is a private, non-profit liberal arts university located in Ghana, West Africa. Our mission is to educate a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate within our students the critical thinking skills, the concern for others and the courage it will take to transform their continent.
We offer a four-year bachelors programme grounded in a liberal core curriculum, featuring the following majors:

  • Business Administration
  • Management Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

With an academic programme designed in collaboration with some of the world’s best universities, and in partnership with local and multinational organisations across Africa, Ashesi has pioneered an educational experience like no other on the continent. You will love this place!
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What we look for

Ashesi is a community that thrives on the energy of its people. We seek students who are excited about engaging with the world, developing their potential to the fullest and implementing amazing ideas.
We welcome students from all over the world 
We have made steady progress in expanding diversity in Ashesi’s community, with over twenty countries represented on campus. We are excited by students who bring cultural diversity and unique perspectives, no matter where you are coming from.
Generous financial assistance for those who need it 
Since our inception, we have been committed to expanding access to education for students regardless of their financial background. Qualified students who would otherwise not have been able to afford the Ashesi education receive generous financial assistance from us, with support from partners worldwide.
We are big on gender balance 
A part of Ashesi’s core belief is that women – in equal numbers to men – will help drive an African renaissance. Through specific admissions efforts, we have achieved gender balance in our student community, a fact we are proud of.
We look for leadership potential
If you are considering joining Ashesi as a student, be ambitious in the goals you set for yourself. Tackle tough challenges in and out of the classroom, don’t be afraid to share your gifts and talents with the world and be an involved member of your high school community.

If you can, come visit

Visiting our campus is a great way to learn first-hand about Ashesi. The Admissions Office is open all year. To schedule a visit, or learn more about the student experience, talk to our admissions team. | Maps and Contact Information | Virtual Tour |

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