Interesting Report: Kintampo disaster that killed Students was an Act of God – Committee Report

By | June 6, 2017

A report on the Kintampo waterfall disaster which claimed some 20 lives has described the incident as an act of God.

The report presented by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Catherine Afeku on the floor of parliament said though the disaster is an act of God there were other factors that contributed to it.

She said the safety audit team also identified lack of focus on public safety responsibilities, lack of adequate training and supervision of personnel, poor environmental management factors and impact of encroachers on the area which has exposed the soil to erosion and made the trees around weak and vulnerable.

The Minister said the recommendations made by the committee are already being implemented to prevent any future disaster. They include immediate afforestation exercise to improve the diversity of flora, activities to check erosion, review of the management structures and the introduction of clearly defined public safety management measures and emergency preparedness and coordination.

The sector Minister however dismissed claims that members of the invincible forces were in charge of the Kintampo Waterfalls during the disaster. The site she announced will be reopened to the public on September 1 this year.