air traffic controller

Who an air traffic controller and what do they do? The air traffic controller organises the movement of aircraft, in the air, when landing and on the ground, using radar and radio. ATCOs work at the main airports, at area control centres and work in co-operation with aircraft crews to ensure the safe and speedy flow of air traffic. Some specialise in general air traffic control beyond the limits of the airport, as planes cross the national airspace.
What are the activities of an air traffic controller? Communicates with pilots (by radio, not face to face), resolving various air traffic situations, providing information to aircraft and heads of air traffic shifts at the airport, and giving orders and permission to aircraft to take off, land, fly at certain altitudes etc.

Where is it done and under what conditions?
At airports in air traffic control rooms and towers and shift work is required.
What tools/equipment do an air traffic controller use? Information technology, radio and radar receivers and transmitters and the control panel with the relevant screens.
What do you need to succeed? You need a university education, organisational abilities, ability to concentrate, fast judgments and responses, ability to learn a language and to respond quickly.