The Ministry of Education is the constitutionally mandated body in charge of education in Ghana. The control all educational activities in the country through some smaller bodies such as the Ghana Education Service (GES). The website of the ministry is where all the programs, activities, mission as well as the vision of the ministry can be found. The head of this ministry is the minister of education.

VISION and MISSION of Ministry of Education

To provide relevant education to all Ghanaians at all levels to enable them to acquire skills that will assist them to develop their potential to be productive, to facilitate poverty reduction and to promote socio-economic growth and national development. To formulate and implement policies to accelerate Youth and Sports Development for the welfare of Ghanaians to achieve human development, good health, poverty reduction, national integration and international recognition.


For the purpose of achieving its objective under the Civil Service Law 1993, PNDC Law 327, and the Ministry performs the following functions:

  1. Initiate and formulate policy options on Education for the consideration of government;
  2. Initiate and advise on government plans;
  3. Undertake such research as maybe necessary for the effective implementation of government policies;
  4. Reviews government policies and plans;
  5. Coordinate and Monitor the implementation of sector policies and strategies
    Perform such other functions as may be directed


The Ghana Education Service (GES) was established as part of the Public Service of Ghana in 1974 by NRCD 247 and subsequently amended by NRCD 252, 357 and SMCD 63. The GES is governed by a fifteen-member council. DIVISIONS AT GES HEADQUARTERS.
The Vision of Ghana Education Service is to create an enabling environment in all educational institutions and management positions that will sustain effective teaching and learning in school and promote management efficiency within the Service.
The GES is charged with the responsibility of implementing pre-tertiary education policies of government. This is to ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age are provided with quality formal education and training.
The Ghana Education Service is responsible for the implementation of approved national policies and programmes relating to pre-tertiary education. Its mandate is as follows:

  1. To provide and oversee basic education Senior Secondary Education, Technical Education and Special Education.
  2. To register, supervise and inspect private pre-tertiary educational institutions.
  3. To submit to the Minister, recommendations for educational policies and programmes.
  4. To promote the efficiency and full development of talents among its members.
  5. To register teachers and keep an up-to-date register of all teachers in the public system.
  6. To carry out such other functions as are incidental to the attainment of the functions specified above.
  7. To maintain professional standards and the conduct of its personnel.

For more information and activities on the ministry of education, please kindly follow the link in the first paragraph to their website.