Works of an Applications manager

Applications manager

Who is an applications manager and what do they do? The applications manager is in charge of computer applications allocated to him/her (e.g. data files, information systems, programs that enable data processing in a particular company, etc.).
What are the activities of an applications manager? He/she manages databases, optimises data structures, links data files, prepares files for printing, provides the users with advice, backs up data, provides password protection against use by unauthorised persons, ensures anti-virus protection. He/she also ensures the purchase and installation of new software, provides for non-standard situations in the use of the applications, deals with the suppliers and administers the required documentation.
Where is it done and under what conditions? In computer rooms, computer centres and offices.
What tools/equipment do an applications managers use? Computers.
What do you need to succeed? You need university, higher or at least secondary education, preferably with a specialism in computer science or similar subjects, a methodical approach to work, and concentration. But most importantly your ability to learn and work hard.