BSc Biochemistry

BSc Biochemistry

The BSc programme in Biochemistry is designed to produce graduates who will meet the human resource needs of second cycle, tertiary, research institutions, food, brewing and pharmaceutical industries. The programme equips students with:

  • skills and techniques for conducting bioscience research and presentation of results under the supervision of a lecturer,
  • educational training in research methodology and statistical tools necessary to conduct research at the workplace,
  • broad knowledge-based academic issues in Biochemistry and  related fields

The first year provides an introduction to Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  You will also choose a liberal course from a list offered by the University. You will gain foundation in Biological Sciences.  In Year two, you will build on this foundation with the inclusion of Mathematics for Biologists, and Introductory Biochemistry courses.  In your third year, you will study courses including Research methods, Biostatistics and core Biochemistry courses.  You will be expected to carry out attachment training in an industry, which is expected to build on your knowledge base and expose you to the job market.  In the final year you will study Bio-entrepreneurship and other core Biochemistry courses and produce a dissertation necessary for graduation.  Courses are taught through lectures, discussions and oral presentations by students.
Students are assessed using continuous assessment by quizzes, assignments, oral presentations and participation in class discussion, which constitutes 40% and an End of Semester Examination, which comprises 60% of the total marks.
A minimum of 120-credit load of work is required to graduate for the four year programme.
Admission Requirements: Candidates must have credit passes (A1 – C6) ‘(A – D)’ in core English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies. In addition, candidates must have obtained credit passes in three elective subjects preferably Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and elective Mathematics with grades not lower than C6/D at the WASSCE/SSSCE levels respectively.

Level 200


First Semester
Course Code Course Title No. of Credits
BCH 201 General Biochemistry I 2
BCH 205 Introduction to Information Technology 2
BIO 202 Cell and Tissue Organisation 3
BIO 204 Morphology and Anatomy of Higher Plants 3
CHE 201 Main Group Chemistry 3
CHE 203 Physical Chemistry 2
CHE 207 Practical (Physical /Inorganic) Chemistry 1
CHE 210 Organic Chemistry I 1



Second Semester
Course Code Course Title No. of Credits
BCH 202 General Biochemistry II 2
BCH 206 Mathematics for Biology 3
BCH 208 Nutrition 2
BCH 212 General Biochemistry Practical 1
BIO 208 Population Genetics and Evolution 3
BIO 212 Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology 3
CHE 205 Practical Organic Chemistry 1
CHE 211 Organic chemistry II 2

Level 300


First Semester
Course Code Course Title No. of Credits
BCH 301 Intermediary Metabolism 2
BCH 303 Enzymology 2
BCH 305 Analytical Biochemistry I 2
BCH 309 Biochemical Techniques I 1
BCH 323 Introductory Microbiology 2
BCH 327 Chemistry of Carbanions & Aromatic Compounds 2
BCH 331 Bio-computing 2
BCH 333 Introduction to Management 2
BCH 335 Biochemical Genetics and Biotechnology 2



Second Semester
Course Code Course Title No. of Credits
BCH 306 Analytical Biochemistry II 2
BCH 310 Biochemistry of Hormones 2
BCH 326 Food Microbiology 2
BCH 330 Chemistry of Natural Products 2
BCH 332 Nutritional Biochemistry 2
BCH 334 Biochemical Techniques (Mini Project/Internship) 2
BIO 312 Biostatistics 3
BIO 399 Research Methods in Biology 3

Level 400


First Semester
Course Code Course Title No. of Credits
BCH 402 Fermentation (Elective) 2
BCH 403 Biological Oxidation and Bioenergetics 2
BCH 405 Integration and Control of Metabolism 2
BCH 406 Clinical Biochemistry 2
BCH 425 Biochemistry of Parasites (Elective) 2
BCH 427 Biomembranes 2
BCH 431 Food Biochemistry 2
BCH 433 Entrepreneurship and Business Development 2
BCH 435 Insect Biochemistry (Elective) 2
BCH 443 Plant Biochemistry 2
BCH429 Protein Structure and Biophysics 2


Course Code Course Title No. of Credits


Second Semester
Course Code Course Title No. of Credits
BCH 412 Methods in Cell and Tissue Culture 2
BCH 422 Immunology and Immunochemistry 2
BCH 432 Xenobiotic Metabolism 2
BCH 434 Mechanisms of Enzyme Action and Catalysis 2
BCH 438 Principles of Biochemical Engineering 2
BCH 439 Food Processing and Preservation 2
BCH 499 Project work 3