15th Annual Congress of the University Students Association of Ghana

By | July 20, 2015

Monday the 20th of July 2015 marks the opening ceremony  of the 15th Annual Delegates Congress of the University Students Association of Ghana. The Congress will take four days as it ends on 23rd July 2015.

A team of delegates headed by the local NUPS presidents from the various universities across the country arrived  on the University of Cape Coast (UCC) campus on Saturday 18th July and most of them on Sunday 19th July where the congress will be held.

The delegates are housed and catered for in the ultramodern SRC union building of the university. The various candidates vying for the USAG executive positions are so far on a massive campaign journey as the main motive for the congress, the elections of new leaders comes off on Thursday 23rd June.

Some of these positions being contested for are the presidency, positions of the General Secretary, Coordinating Secretary and Financial Controller among a few others.

Prior to the big day where the elections will be held, a number of specified programs will be taking place. Notable among them is the movie night, excursion and dinner for the fun loving politically endowed delegates as well as the real-deal programs such as the presidential debate and manifesto readings which will prompt delegates who are not yet sure of where to place their bet to cast their votes wisely per their individual judgements after closely examining the performance of the various candidates.

The image below is the outline of the programs for the 15th annual Congress of University Students Association of Ghana ( USAG )University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) Congress

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