A parallel story of creation among the Akan, the Hopi and the Maori

By | January 23, 2015
  • The Akan section 5.11, 7.4

In the original Akan book, I gave an Akan account of the creation of human beings. I stumbled upon a very similar account of the same story among the Maori people of Polynesia. I shall now quote a short version of the Akan creation story (from section 5.11 of the Akan book), the original story itself having been taken from Rattray’s book Ashanti:
“Very long ago one man and one woman came down from the sky and one man and one woman came from the Earth. From the Sky God (Onyame), also came a Python (Onini), and it made its home in the river now called Bosommuru. At first these men and women did not bear children, they had no desire, and conception and birth were not known at that time. One day the python asked them if they had no offspring, and on being told they had not, he said he would cause the woman to conceive. He bade the couples stand face to face, then he plunged into the river, and rising up, sprayed water upon their bellies with the words kus, kus, and then ordered them to return home and lie together.””
The Maori version of the creation story comes from a book written by Sir George Grey in 1854. The title of the book is Polynesian Mythology & Ancient Traditional History of the New Zealanders, As furnished by their Priests and Chiefs. The creation accounts are the very first few lines of the very first chapter, “Children of Heaven and Earth”:
“Men had but one pair of primitive ancestors; they sprang from the vast heaven that exists above us, and from the earth which lies beneath us. According to the traditions of our race, Rangi and Papa, or Heaven and Earth, were the source from which, in the beginning, all things originated”
This is a very similar account to that of the Akan in the sense that it points to the mixing of Ancient Earth humans with ETs from space to create the current human population. There are some differences though: it appears the Akan version is more detailed and also points to the ET involvement, when one considers that the Python mentioned in the Akan version refers to the Sirian-Reptilian scientists who steered the genetic engineering project.
Among the Akan there is a tradition (especially among the Asante) claiming that they came out of a hole in the ground. It is such common knowledge that even little children know about it. There is also a parallel tradition that says that the Akan-Asante people came from ‘soro’ or Heaven.
Although these two parallel traditions of the Akan seem to contradict each other (and have baffled Anthropologists) these seemingly paradoxical traditions are not paradoxical because both traditions are true. The traditions make sense when looked at from another perspective. That perspective is one that has already been delved into in section 7.4 of the Akan book. There were two groups of humans that came together to form the human beings of today. One group was native to Earth, the other group was not native to Earth. The first group native to Earth consisted of remnants of the Ancient Earth humans, the second group of humans were prediminantly Extraterrestrials from space.
In the case of the Akan, the Ancient Earth human was mixed with Sirian-Reptilian and Homo Erectus DNA (section 7.4 of the Akan book). I suspect that this is also the case for the Maori, or at least similar. They must have been mixed with Sirian and/or Pleiadian DNA since the Pleiades holds an important place in their calendar. For other humans on Earth today the combinations may be different.
There are other Native Earth humans who have traditions of having ‘come from a hole in the ground’. Anthropologists who have so far only understood these statements in a symbolic manner have failed to realize the literal nature that underlies these traditions. These Native groups came from the ground. Those Native human groups with this tradition are linked to the ‘genderized Ancient Humans’ (section 7.4 of the Akan book) some of whom still live in the inner Earth today.
Below is a Hopi Indian version of the creation accounts outlined above. The Hopi version comes from Robert Morning Sky in an article he wrote entitled Star Warriors – The Hopi and the Greys which can be found on the RMS archive section of this website. Under the heading ‘Secrets of the American Indian – Hopi legend of Creation’ he has this to say:

  • The Hopi Indian Legend of Creation tells of three different beginnings.

· One story says that we have arisen from an underground paradise through an opening called Sipapu.
· The second story tells of the descendancy from our birthplace near a Blue Star [i.e. the Pleiades].
· And the third story relates of a migration from a faraway place across a great body of water.
All three are true. What matters is not which came first, but that they are all true. (Focus not on the leaf, rather look at the whole tree).
The point here is that those Native people who have this tradition have a memory of the Ancient Earth humans and of the genetic experiments that were carried out on this planet. I know that some Native American/Indian groups also have traditions of having come from the ground (the Crow definitely have such a tradition and perhaps the Navajo/Apache as well).