Akan "Wura" and the Egyptian Deity RA

By | January 23, 2015

There are several Akan and Ga names that point not only to Sumerian-Mesopotamian connections but also to Egyptian ones. A common Ga surname is “Ankrah”. Has anyone stopped to think that this name “Ankrah” is…”Ankh–RA”! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? RA was an Egyptian ‘deity’…he was a Sirian-Reptilian being, son of Enki/Ptah. Same line, people.
What about the Akan word for lord…”Wura”! Yes, pretty incredible, isn’t it? “WU-RA” could refer to “RA”. When an Akan person says, “Me wura”, they are saying “My Lord/Master”. And then you’ve got another common name for ‘god’ which is still in common usage today….”Awurade”! Every Akan speaking person knows this name for god. Let me break it down: “A-WURA-DE”….this means “Lord/Master’s possession(s)”, in other words, “That which belongs to the Lord/Master”. Some Akan people sometimes say or sing the words “Awurade, hu yƐ mƆ bƆ oo..” meaning “God please pity us/please have mercy on us”.
Let us however return to our story. So “Wura” is quite likely a reference to “RA”. RA is known to have taken over control of Earth from competing Sirian-Reptilian factions with the help of an Orion reptilian queen from the rebel group. He then changed the old names of the pantheon of “gods” (his Sirian-Reptilian competition) to have only himself as the one ruler. It may be interesting for some to observe that RA changed “Amun” to “Amun-RA”. What was the original Egyptian name for “Amun”, before the Greek corruption? It was “Yamanu”! “Yamanu” became “Yamun” and then “Hammun” and then “Amun”. So why the excitement on my part? See section 5.5 of the Akan book! Yamm/Ea/Hea/Ptah all refer to the same being which the Akan call “Nyame”. So we can see that “Yamanu” in the Ancient Egyptian tongue is “Nyame-Anu” in the Akan language!!
Important to note here that the Amun, Amun-Ra and Osiris cults were very popular in Libya and Nubia (supposedly) even after the popularity of these two cults waned in Ancient Egypt.