Answered: pls sir, im faced with a dilemma and i really need ur help,,there's this girl i met 4 months ago nd so much interested in her, but anytime i talk about us dating she says she aint ready because she has anger issues and nagging issues to deal with and when she's done with that, then we can date. Pls could this be enough reason for me to keep hoping or i should just let her be and move on with my life…Thank u

By | July 8, 2016

You want to date her but she is having problems and because of that she can’t date you because she hasn’t finish solving the problem. Okay are you people friends? if yes then let her share her problems with you and  make sure to know what makes her angry, if she is able to tell you try and find solution to her problems and make sure to be in her shoes. still call me on 0241649494