Answered: which one have more advantage bsc accounting and bba administration

By | July 1, 2016


A BSc or BS (bachelor’s of science) IS NOT a business degree. Further, a BBA (bachelor’s of business administration) is strictly a business degree. They are totally two different things. Business is not considered a science. Business degrees, howbeit, are diversified into many areas, and directly or indirectly connected with the financial world (monies) thereby giving it – it’s own classifications. In addition, be aware that some universities and institutions have chartered their degrees as such so there are variables within the academic system.

Science degrees however, are limited to specialized areas of study and DO NOT involve business at the financial levels.
For example; Human Resources (HR) and Public Relations (PR) are administrative degrees BAdm, whereas Employee Counseling and Group Psychology is considered as a science BSc.

So you would need to decide between having a purely business degree or a science based degree in business.

B Sc, in the businesses are meant for management or administration of scientific companies like hospitals, aviation etc so they are purposely for personnel’s who want to manage science companies and they are supposed to be studied by people who have knowledge in those companies example a registered nurse who study B. Sc will know more about how to manage the science setup (hospital) company than the person who study BBA and employed in the science company.example lets take someone who is a doctor or nurse and now wants to be the manager of the hospital you realize that he can manage the H+ more effectivelly than the other. BBA are for those who wants to manage business companies, so B Sc are meant for the business side of a science companies like aviation, hospitals, mining, engineering etc and BBA is for those who work or who want to work in companies like banks, economic firms, controller and accountant general department,governing or ruling of a country. But this days many schools confuse them and student usually make wrong choices. If you want to manage hospital you should study BSc health management/administration or healthcare management etc