Anthony Baffoe calls for player relations department at GFA

By | May 16, 2016

Sports News of Monday, 16 May 2016



Tony Baffoe Anthony Baffoe

The General Secretary of the Professional Footballers association of Ghana, Anthony Baffoe has called on the Ghana Football Association to set up a Player Relations Department to handle player agitations.

According to him, the players are the principal actors of the game and must be given enough attention to help their career.

He added that many players feel neglected especially when injured and that the department will be in charge of such situations when they occur.

“We need a player relations department at the FA. It is very vital to the development of the game and helps us understand players very well,” he said.

“I’ve suggested that we have such an office at the FA and get delegates for the regions.

“One thing an administrator will never have is how a player feels on and off the pitch.

“But with the department, it will create a good relationship between the players and club administrators.”

“When a player is injured, he is neglected and that is when they feel really bad.

“But the department will handle such problems by calling and interacting with such players consistently,” he added.