Appau Report: NPP should fight it in the Court of Public Opinion…

By | July 17, 2015

Feature Article of Friday, 17 July 2015

Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa


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The credibility of Nana Addo isn’t dented by this drill ship saga commission’s report either legally or morally because the commission erred both legally and morally by not giving Nana the chance to be heard even when he pushed to be called and heard.

Actually, the report has no legal influence on Nana Addo because the whole report on Nana is unconstitutional and therefore makes it null and void.

It was just a mischievous, nonconstitutional thing intentionally done to intentionally and mischievously play on the credibility of nana in the moral world of Ghana.

It’s likely if Nana tries to go to court on this, another Justice Appau in a different body will be motivated by the NDC to pin and tarnish Nana’s image just as Apau and the supreme court judges did to Nana and NPP even though they had all the evidence to win the case.

This is just a likely exactly thing that might happen to Nana if he tries to contest this in court.

This is just a deliberate trap by NDC to incite him to go to court through all the noise from their various wack analysers on all media platforms, he shouldn’t fall for it

Note, Nana can be barred from contesting the 2016 election if any judge legally finds him guilty of causing financial lose to the state which the NDC can easily cause a judge to do that for them.

Seriously, I don’t trust the NDC, seriously, they are very mischievous and so can easily get any judge who sits on the case, in case Nana pushes to court to rule against Nana even though Nana is innocent.
#election petition and this dubious commission’s report on my mind

Therefore, I will suggest Nana should rather battle this case in the court of public opinion than the legal court and in this court of public opinion, communicators are used to do the trick and not lawyers(legal).

May GOD be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

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