Bird and Feline Totems

By | January 23, 2015

The Akan sections 3.5, 4.2, 4.3, 6.1
As above so below: Earth and Galactic humans
The basic idea is that for this incarnational round, two important birds are the
hawk and falcon while two important felines are the jaguar and leopard/panther.
Having said that, there are several other birds of prey and also those from
the crow/magpie/raven family as well as those like the swan and other birds
that are associated with various Earth native human groups. I however think the
falcon/hawk and the leopard/jaguar point to the totems of the Sirian-Reptilian group
that did the experiments to create contemporary humans and also to the feline and
avian guardian beings who aided them in one way or another.
The falcon and sometimes the hawk is a common bird totem among native Africans,
Asians, Australian Aborigines, Native Arabs, Native Indians and Polynesians. This
has to do with its connection with the Enki group and their experiments. It
also has to do with the Avian groups who worked with these genetic
scientists. It can be said that this is a bird that represents our round.
The jaguar is found all over southern and central America and used to be
common in the southern part of the US but not any more.
The leopard is found in Africa, Arabia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea,
Persia, Russian far east, Sri Lanka, with a particular concentration in
Africa. As a general rule almost all African groups have a cat (lion,
leopard, cheetah or one of the smaller cats) as one of their totems. This
points to the strong Sirian-Guardian (Jha) influence on the African groups.
The leopard is by far the most common of the totems that African groups share
while the lion is (perhaps surprisingly) not that common. The lion is
important to the Ethiopian royals because of their links with certain off-world
Sirian groups. The snow leopard found in northern mountains of India, China,
and the ‘-stans’ (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan etc)
It can be said that the jaguar connects the Amerindians to the feline
guardians while the leopard connects the Africans and Asians to the feline
Here comes the fun parts. The lion and tiger are from earlier Earth-like
words and are felines connected to human groups of those times. The lion in
particular is connected to the Sirians (European/Sumerian royalty,
Ethiopian royalty) while the tiger is connected to the Asians (China and
India) and was perhaps more prominent among earlier Earth-like worlds.
One may at least say that the Lion and the Tiger are associated with more
off-world type 2 cultures (see article: As above so below)
It is likely that a similar thing can be said about the eagle, which is
related to the Lyran-Vegan time and the first Earth-like world. It is quite
interesting that the Kyrgyz people in Kyrgystan are traditionally known to
use the golden eagle for hunting, that is their bird; i.e. they are of the
bird tribe either from a previous Earth-like world or quite likely related
to guardian humans from the Centauri system (most of the guardian-humans
from the -stans are). The eagle is an important bird in Mongolia and among
some Native Indian groups. The falcon is important among some European
royalty because of it’s connection with the Sirians, Enki faction (Egyptian
Horus etc).
For some human groups such as some Native Indian groups, the Inuit and
some Chinese/Mongolian groups the crow/raven is the bird that represents them.
There are also other bird totems to consider such as the parrot, owl, and the