Boateng Gyan wants Muntari back in the national team

By | June 9, 2016

Sports News of Thursday, 9 June 2016



Sulley Muntari Fresh Sulley Ali Muntari

Former Black Stars management committee member Yaw Boateng Gyan is advocating for the return of remorseful Sulley Muntari into the Black Stars team.

According to Gyan, Muntari’s experience is something we cannot overlook or ignore-therefore the current handlers of the team should consider getting the Saudi Arabia-based player into the team.

Sulley Muntari has apologised to the Ghana Football Association and the people of Ghana for his unruly behaviour that brought shame to the nation in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“It is only a fool who doesn’t change his mind. He erred and have realised what he did was wrong. As we say a Hen’s leg steps on chicks, but it does kill it. I believe Muntari allowed himself for what happened to happen,” he told Otec FM.

“I think he has regretted his action and has come back to apologise we should forgive him, but it should be a lesson for the young ones.

“As a nation we need results and the inclusion of experienced players is very key, so the return of Muntari would help us. The Commission of Inquiry was formed by the government of Ghana on our behalf, so if Muntari would be vital to the team, then we should put aside some of the provisions in the government white paper.”