Building a School for Vulnerable/Orphans in Ghana- Support Here

By | May 3, 2017

Building a School for vulnerable children/orphans in GhanaBuilding a

Project Description

Christ Centre for the Needy was set up in 2011 by Rev Joseph Azumah Azugah.  An orphan himself at an early age, he has dedicated much of his life to helping those in need in the Bawku East, West and Garu Tempane Muncipalities of Ghana, Africa.
Christ centre 2The centre has already engaged in activities geared towards the provision of quality education, employable skills, training orphaned children and widows . The common goal for everyone, to help people get out of poverty and now they are ready for the next project. A project that will more than ever address these issues comprehensively.

The Christ Centre International Academy born out of the Centre, was established in September 2011 as a school to help educate these poor orphans, as a charitable way of reaching out to the needy children in the communities through education and a more structured and daily relationship developed in school life.

Christ Centre International Academy is currently renting an uncompleted building.  The number of students has risen to 250 students.  They are taught by 9 teachers and looked after by 2 cooks and 1 security guard.  However the school has no permanent school building or facilities.chirst centre 5

They have however managed to acquire an area of land to build a school complex, sports field and dormitories for staff and students.  As most of the pupils are not paying any fees, the teachers, cooks and security guard are paid by the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the NGO, Rev. Joseph Azumah Azugah from his own resources together with gifts from his children and well-wishers.

This project will start the funding to construct a permanent school building to accommodate the various classes and the Nursery. They want to have classes for Primary years 1-6; Junior High School form 1 – 3; Nursery, offices, library, Computer lap, kitchen, store, toilet and dormitories.

It is anticipated that if Christ Centre for the Needy get funds to build, it would take less than 12 months to complete the above stated facilities.

There are other projects that shaChirst centre 3ll complement the academy including a ‘Basic Needs Welfare Project’ that helps supply food/water, clothing and shelter for orphans and widows of the community.

Our project hero, Tobias Siegenthaler is currently working with refugees in Switzerland and last year went to visit Rev Joseph in order to get an idea of the Centre and the academy.

Tobias first visited Ghana in 2003 after his A-levels. Since then he has been returning on a regular basis and has built strong relationships with different families in different parts of the country. It was his Ghanaian friend, Bishop Jeremiah Gomado (Based in Sheffield), who first got to know about the project and its needs. He decided to go and visit the project himself in order to get a better idea of the needs and circumstances. The journey to Bawku takes almost two days of travelling on the road from the capital of Ghana. Having seen the school and the voluntary efforts being put into the project by local elders and Rev. Azumah himself, Tobias hoped to be able to help build a school facility, so that in future the school could save money not having to rent rooms and facilities.

This project needs funding for 3 phases and this is the first phase.  If successful we will start fundraising for phase 2 and 3.

Item Quantity Unit Price ($) Phase 1 ($)
5 Inch Blocks 17,000 Blocks 0.2 $3500
Cement 1,000 Bags 2.5 $2500
Stone (chips) 10 Trucks Tips 150 $1500
Sand 20 Truck Tips 45 $900
Iron rods (Various Sizes) $1750
Wood for Door and Windows Frames  80pcs 3.1 $250
Key Locks, Hitches, etc 25pcs 4 $100
Glazings & Buglar Proof Wires $250
Nails & Screws (Various Sizes) $150
Wawa Boards 25 pcs 10 $250
Paints 100 Gallons 2.5 $250
Roofing Woods & Boards (various Sizes) 300pcs 4.2 $1250
Ceiling wood 2”x2” 200pcs 2.5 $500
Ceiling Plywood 200pcs 3.25 $650
Ceiling Buttons $150
Plumbing Materials $750
Electricals $650
Labour $1250
Architecture, Planning Permission and Inspection $900
Contingency $1250
Total $18,750