Charles Wells – Legend in the world of gambling

By | June 10, 2016

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In the history of gambling, the name of Charles Wells is really much talked about.

He was born in 1841 and became one of the most famous gamblers in the world. When you hear the words “The man who broke Bank at the Monte Carlo”, they are referred to Wells. His fame was growing really fast as he broke the bank with a never-seen-before record – 12 times.

Even private detectives were trying to figure out what his trick was. He managed to make 1 million francs in just 3 days. But in reality, he used just his guts to win such big earnings.

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Gambling Star or Mystery Man

Charles Wells always wanted to be an inventor. In 1892, he returned to Monte Carlo where he planned to test his fuel-saving machine. But he lost all his money and all the investments. Soon after that, he got arrested and was imprisoned for 8 years.

Right after he was released, he moved on with gambling again that soon resulted in imprisonment.

He died in 1926 as a poor man and as a beggar, but the gambling community will always remember him as the best gambler ever.

Gambling in the Heart

Wells could hit several biggest winnings in a row. 23 winnings from 30 spins – this is what every gambler dreams about. Even though he had vague cheating and criminal past records during his life, he was a fair gambler. It’s quite rare that a cheater was playing transparently, but he was just extremely lucky.

However, he was known to play with someone else’s money. He was a gambling celebrity and even after a few decades after his death, he is still much talked about among gamblers all over the world.

Even though Charles Wells was not always a fair man, he definitely was a perfect gambler. His life, both his successes and failures, can teach everyone a lot.

Learn the Lesson from Charles Wells

The most famous gambler of all times once said that he was comfortable when anyone watched him playing or trying to find out his secret. He believed that the biggest mistake average gamblers do was their poor pliability and courage.

It was always fun to watch other gamblers observe Wells playing because they were always curious about his wagering methods. It was common to see people surrounding the tables and later changing their betting tactics.

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