Check out all the features of the new CCIT i8 Smartphone

By | June 23, 2016

Check out all the features of the new CCIT i8 Smartphone

The competition in and among technological companies in recent times is keener than ever.  Day in day out the top technological companies are trying their best to open the already existing wild gap between them and the startup companies. Apple with the IPhone line of smartphone is up there with the recent IPhone 6 and IPhone 6S wonders of our time.
This is not to say the Apple brand is the best brand in the market now more especially when Samsung is keenly in the race with the Galaxy series of mobile phones and Tablets. The Galaxy S6 and S7, the Edge among others are phones that make live very easy and comfortable for users.
The CCIT technology with their innovations when it comes to mobile technology is very phenomenon. Their phones are mostly up among the leading brands and their newest innovation to hit the market is the CCIT i8 series.
The CCIT i8 series is by far one of the best innovations to hit the market in a long while. Check out the features below and confirm for yourself the caliber of phone CCIT technology is bringing to your doorstep.


The glass screen of the new CCIT i8 Smartphone is amazingly strong
One of the biggest challenges for most smartphone users is how easily the screens get broken with the slightest fall. With the CCIT i8 series, the screen glass is made from the toughest glass and will virtually be impossible to just break or crack. From the technology used to design the screen, it will take the hardest hammer to get a slight crack on the screen. Relax; the screen is ranked the toughest to ever hit the market but amazing very beautiful.


The camera of the CCIT i8 Smartphone is amazingly clear
No one keeps albums nor carry cameras around these days. We all want to use our mobile phones as our cameras and capture all the wonderful moments in our life. CCIT technologies have you in mind when designing the i8 smartphone. The rear camera quality is practically the best with very clear screen to capture all the amazing moments of your life. The front camera is 2.0 MP and 8.0 MP back camera. There is a flashlight for both the front and back camera to help you take unstoppable pictures even in darkness.

The ROM and the RAM

CCIT i8 Smartphone
Admit it, we all don’t want to use any slow speed phone and small memory. The CCIT i8 series smartphone comes with 8G RAM and 1G ROM making it very fast to use and the memory big enough to carry your world with you.


The battery capacity of the CCIT i8 Smartphone is just so high
The battery is made from the combination of strong ions making it very good and strong. The 3000mAh Li-ion makes you never worry about phone power off.


CCIT i8 Smartphone
The screen had 6.0” QHD display for your large screen viewing pleasure.
The smartphone is amazingly slim with a thickness of 7.8mm giving it a terrific appearance and the metallic frame makes it very beautiful and attractive to the eye.
The 3G connectivity makes it very fast with the internet and gives you clear voice connectivity. Dual SIM card and QUAD—core 1.3Ghz processor.
CCIT i8 Smartphone comes in different colours
There is also variety of colours to choose from. The black, white, rose gold and gold colours are all available.