Choose your #GangLeader Now!

By | July 17, 2015

For the first time, the BlogCamp organizers are hosting this social media conference outside of Accra. After the brilliant awards night on the 25th April, one can only expect an equally well organized session of talks and hand-on training in Kumasi.

The event starts with a BlogWalk in which three gangs will compete for an ultimate prize. The gangs will be expected to select a part of Kumasi, come up with the best story to tell about that suburb and work as a team to tell the story by capturing relevant elements of the suburb using nothing but their smart phones.

To join anyone of the Gangs register here

Below are the rules;

1. Each gang cannot have more than 40 gang members.

2. The #GangLeaders are supposed to select the suburb they feel they can tell the best story about and communicate it to the organizers before Monday 4th May.

3. If more than one gang choose a particular suburb, the organizers will let them toss.

4. The winning Gang will be the Gang which uploads the most photos and tells the best story. Each photo will be uploaded with a hashtag, thus the hashtags will be counted.

5. The story will be judged by the attendees at BlogCamp on the day.


Buses will be provided by the organizers to convey interested attendees from Accra and Tamale. Organizers will provide more information about the transportation in the course of the week. To show interest, please register for the event here .