Convocation Holds Maiden Games

By | March 15, 2017

Published: 15 Mar 2017 Source: University Relations Office (URO)

Convocation Games 1

The Council of Convocation with support from the Vice-Chancellor has held the first ever Convocation Games and Socialisation. Convocation is made up of senior members of the University who belong to the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA) and the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG).

Rev Prof. Charles AnsahOpening the games, Reverend Professor Charles Ansah, the Pro Vice-Chancellor, stated that the idea of convocation games was a laudable one and had management’s support. Besides giving senior members the opportunity to fraternize and exercise, it was also in line with management’s efforts at improving the health and wellness of members that the games had been instituted.

Rev. Prof. Ansah noted that due to the busy lifestyles of both administrators and lecturers, it was necessary to have a day set aside to exercise and to enjoy the benefits that come with it. He hoped that in future senior and junior staff would be added.

Professor Rexford Assasie Oppong, Chairman of Convocation, in his welcome address, said the games and socialization were expected to ease whatever tension existed between teaching and non-teaching staff and to foster unity to increase productivity. He further revealed that to foster unity among both parties, the teams from the various sporting disciplines are made up of the two professional bodies to represent the colleges. “In this way, we intend to signal to all that we are one and have more that unite us than divide us,” Professor Assasie Oppong added.

 Members of convocation competed in sporting disciplines such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, sack race, spoon and lime race. Other games were ludo, draught, cards, oware and chess. 

The maiden convocation games was supported by the Sports Directorate of the University and the University Health Services.