Dog fears water after surviving June 3

By | June 3, 2016

General News of Friday, 3 June 2016



Dog BiteDog(File Photo)

A five-month-old German Shepherd dog that miraculously survived the June 3 flooding in Accra and its environs, has developed a phobia for water.

Weeks after the flood, the dog called Zeus which had been chained in its home on 10 Crotin Street at Community 20 in Tema when the rain started, has refused to go near water and finds the sound of tap-flowing water irritating.

Its owners, realising the steadily climbing level of water when the rain started on June 3, desperately sought refuge in the attic of their home. In their haste to get in, they forgot about Zeus in its chain outside.

The water rose up to about six feet and Zeus struggled to stay alive for six hours without being buried under the deluge. It apparently managed to keep its nose just above the water all the time.

“It is an amazing story of survival. We have not been able to fully understand how Zeus coped for the six hours that we were also scared inside, trying to evade drowning,” said Mrs. Vida Appiah Twum, the dog’s owner.

The dog used to be an aggressive animal before the flood incident but apart from distancing itself from water, it has also lost its aggression and does not respond to friendly human gestures.

Despite Zeus having lost some weight now, its owners are happy it is still around and would hopefully come back to its old ways.