ENTERPRENEURIAL WATCH : Meet Adjoa Lartey the beautiful face behind brand A.J collections

By | August 1, 2015

Adjoa Anaku Lartey De-heer is her name and she is the brain and skill behind the big brand “AJ Collections”, from Adonten Senior High School at Aburi to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) offering BSc Publishing in her third year. The “AJ” in “AJ Collections” is an initial from her name “A.d.J.o.a”.

AJ Collections makes beads, anything relating to beads like bags, necklaces, slippers, flip flops, purses, flower vase, African print bags, laptop bags, folders, hand bags, diaries and notebooks etc. for both ladies and gents, also liquid soaps and parasols.


In search of something deep within that sets her apart from her friends, Adjoa discovers her ability to use her hands to create, nurtured and trained by her mother, Mrs. Suzzy Lartey who is a seamstress .She hold on to her new found passion and decides to make money out of it. “God has given me a job for free”, she says, “and that is my hands, so why should I go hungry?”


First semester first year in KNUST, she did bracelets and flip flops only and officially started AJ collections in the second semester of that same year when she got enough capital and also help from Page-one boutique to market her products.

In the interview with her, she deeply talks about the challenges she faced, paramount is capital to start the business but with the support of her dad, Mr. Evans Lartey, she was able to manage things up. She also stressed on the fact that, a lot of people are into the African prints business and that she makes sure her designs are different and unique from others. She does most of the designs herself especially with the beads products, she has people that sow her designs including her mother and most of the work is done at home in other to get enough time for books when in school.


Adjoa shares another passion of hers, her ability to sell but in the advertisement of her products, watsuptek has been of great help. Motivated by her passion for the work and an inspiration from her parents, she sees AJ Collections as one of the growing brands in Ghana, that will soon go beyond the frontiers of KNUST.

Adjoa describes herself as simple, friendly and generous and when she is not playing with beads or got her head buried in books, she would most likely be reading entertainment news, hanging out with friends or watching movies, with “coming to America”, “the faults in our stars”, and “ vampire diaries” as her personal favorites.


At the end of the interview, she adds ups,” don’t wait for money before you pursue your dreams, never listen to people who say you can’t do it, nothing is impossible, the word “impossible” itself says “I’m possible”.

By : Emmanuel Kwaku-Duah