Ghana Police Recruitment 2016 Starts

By | May 9, 2016

setails of the ghana police recruitment

Ghana Police Recruitment 2016 Starts

General Enlistment Procedure – 2016 General Pool
Read this section carefully before proceeding to the online application.


Applicants are advised to be conversant with the following guidelines in order to minimize data entry errors in the online application. Applicants are warned to submit only one application each as multiple applications would disqualify the applicant. Initial short-listings will take age, height, SSSCE and WASSCE results into consideration. The examination results of successful applicants at this stage will be verified at WAEC and only those who meet the minimum requirements will be called for further activities. These applicants will then be sorted into groups according to their Selection Centres for body screening and inspection of original educational and other certificates. There will be an aptitude test for successful candidates immediately after the body screening. Those who pass this test will be called to the next stage which involves medical examination of the candidate together with the collection of fingerprints for criminal checks. In addition, there will be a comprehensive background check on everyone passing through this stage.

Instructions for online application

The applicant must buy an e-Voucher from any branch of GCB Bank Ltd across the country. The buyer / user must provide his exact names to the bank as part of the purchase. The e-Voucher contains a Serial Number (SN) and a Unique Code (PIN). These are the only means of accessing the online application forms. Keep these numbers safely and in a secured manner as they will be required later in further engagements with this process if you are successful in the initial stages.
The data fields marked with * are mandatory or required data fields; one must provide data at those points.
Applicants should note that this is an automated process. Qualifying criteria are pre-set and not subject to modifications. Nobody will have influence over this process to the extent that he can help another individual to by-pass this setup or secure enlistment for him / her outside this system. The Police Service does not have middlemen in these recruitment activities.
The Online Application Form can be accessed and edited as many times as you would like before clicking the submit button. Note that once submitted, your application/information cannot be changed.
The supporting documents should be uploaded before submitting your application. Each document to be uploaded must be of JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF image format only. It must not exceed 1.0 MB in size. The absence of any of them may lead to disqualification of your application. Please make sure that your documents meet the requirement for upload.
All communications with applicants will be conducted via email only. Applicants are therefore encouraged to maintain an active email during this period. Similarly, their family members, referees and others quoted in this application must have active email accounts. There will be no telephone calls, SMS or other social media messages to applicants through their mobile phones.

Criteria for Referees

The following list forms the set of people who will be acceptable as referees for applicants. This list is not exhaustive as others of comparable standing may also be accepted. However, no family member or a Police Officer is to be used as a referee by any applicant.

a) The Head-teacher of a local Junior High School.
b) A Head-master of a Senior High School.
c)  A lecturer of any Polytechnic or University.
d) A recognized pastor, priest or imam of at least five (5) years standing.
e) A senior public servant occupying a position not below that of a director.
f) A lawyer, chartered accountant, medical officer, pharmacist or similarly qualified other professionals of at least five (5) years standing.
g) A Senior Officer of the Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service or the Ghana National Fire Service.
h) A farmer


Applicants are expected to read the declaration on the accuracy of information provided and assent to it before the application is submitted. Applicants may note that the detection of any falsehood at any stage of the enlistment process will disqualify them. These may also entail criminal prosecution of the applicant. Where the falsehood, misrepresentation or impersonation is detected after the applicant has been successfully enlisted in the Police Service, he will be dismissed immediately and prosecuted. The declaration is:
“I declare that all the information provided on this form are accurate and genuine to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any false representation may make me liable for criminal prosecution. I further agree that, if at any point in time, any falsehood is detected in the information I have provided above, the Ghana Police Service reserves the right to disqualify me from the process or withdraw me from either the training programme or the Service as the case may be.”

Criteria for short-listing

The general criteria for short-listing eligible candidates are described below. These are the basic minimum that the Service will consider. Applicants must assure themselves of meeting them before buying the voucher for online application. The applicant:
.     1.      Must be a Ghanaian.
2.      Must be NOT less than eighteen (18) years and NOT more than twenty-five (25) years of age by 1st April, 2016.
3.      Must be, at least 5 feet 8 inches(1.73 meters) tall for males, and 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) for females.
4.       Must be physically fit.
5.      Must be of good character without any criminal records.
6.  All applicants must posses a minimum academic qualification of six (6) credit (A1 to C6) at WASSCE including English Language and mathematics.

Physical Inspections

Applicants having the basic minimum requirements outlined above will be shortlisted. Their examination results will be checked online against WAEC database for inaccuracies and potential fraud. All those whose results are confirmed from WAEC will be notified to proceed to their chosen Selection Centres for physical examination of their persons.
Applicants will be expected to come along with all relevant certificates like birth, BECE, SSSCE / WASSSCE and Driving License, if any. Only original documents will be accepted at this point. Particularly, the original BECE Certificate (not results’ slip) is compulsory here. Copies will be made from these documents for further actions. Applicants should also come along in dresses that would allow for quicker and easier inspection of the body.

Aptitude Tests

Successful applicants with the appropriate physique will write an aptitude test at the Selection Centre immediately after the selections. Applicants are therefore expected to carry pens, pencils and erasers along with them to the Centres. The aptitude tests will cover English and General Knowledge. Applicants are expected to pass all the tests in-order to continue to the next stage. The tests will be organized under strict examination conditions. Any malpractice or misconduct by a candidate automatically disqualifies him or her, without any option of an appeal. Some acts that lead to disqualification include, but not limited to, the following:
1.      Teaching another person
2.      Copying
3.      Having any foreign material
4.      Whispering or talking to another person other than an invigilator
5.       Any form of distraction
6.      Any form of disturbance
7.       Exhibiting any act of disrespect
8.      Changing examination papers
9.      The use of mobile phones or any digital device.
Successful candidates at this stage will be notified through their email to prepare for medical examinations.  

Medical Examination

A comprehensive medical examination will be conducted on each successful applicant. This examination will be at the Police Hospital, Cantonments, Accra on specific dates for each group of candidates. The medical examination covers a wide range of tests. Applicants who skip any of the medical processes will be eliminated automatically. Applicants will have to pay for the requisite tests and laboratory reports. The arrangements for payment of the fees and tests will be communicated to each qualifying applicant through his or her email address.

Criminal & Background Checks

Applicants would be expected to provide adequate information, including fingerprints, for criminal checks. In addition, the Service would undertake a comprehensive background vetting of every applicant who reaches this stage of the process.

Invitation to Training

Candidates meeting the requisite positive vetting would be called to training. Candidates would be notified of their reporting dates and venues for the recruit training. All instructions for reporting to the Training School will be sent to the successful candidate through his or her email address.

General Communication

All communication with the applicants would be by email through the email address he or she would provide in the online application. There would be no phone calls to applicants or messages to their mobile devices by use of current mobile applications. The Police Service would not tolerate applicants trooping to the Police Headquarters or any police formation to check on the status of their applications.

Application Fees

1.      The e-Voucher costs a non-refundable amount of One Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHS100.00) only. Every applicant must buy one to start the online application process.

2.      Medical Examination would cost the applicant “One Hundred (100.00)” Ghana Cedis Only. This fee does not include the cost for X-ray, ECG and other diagnostics services. Applicants would pay for these at the Hospital at the time of examination. The medical examination fee would be paid by only successful applicants.
3. Criminal Checks at the CID Headquarters would cost the applicant “One Hundred (100.00)” Ghana Cedis. This fee wouldbe paid only by successful applicants.