Hands must be off WA Africa United/Techiman City Abruptly ended game

By | July 19, 2015

Sports Features of Sunday, 19 July 2015

Source: Raymond Yeboah and Alhaji Mahama Salia


As the Ghanaian zonal division league begins the search for qualification to an elite division, the stakes will be high.There will be attempts by teams to gain qualification and others will target not to be relegated.Some of the games have been acrimonious due to the actions and in-actions of some club officials and supporters.We all need to fight for the civility and discipline of our league.
One zone in the league that has become a hot-bed,is zone one where about four teams have the potential of qualifying.Just about four points separate the concerned teams.These are the teams whose games at this point are always what the fans expect.Over the weekend,one game in zone 1 ended abruptly came up at Damango and it was a game between Wa Africa United and Techiman-city- the end of the game was a result of a torrential rainfall.There was a pitch invasion right after the goal scored by the visiting team but sanity prevailed and the officials positioned themselves to continue the game with the two teams also ready.The match commissioner told the officials of the teams,the abrupt end was attributed to the torrential rain which is simply a force majeure and by the laws of the game in such circumstance,there is supposed to be a replay of the game within twenty four hours.
Techiman-city is a team that usually gets the better side decisions in disputed game outcomes-there are cases to cite to support or justify this claim.
There was a game involving Atebubu Esperance and Techiman-City at Atebubu last season,the home team scored two goals which were later reported by the referee in his report that the game ended goalless.-clear case of day-light robbery.
There was also an instant this year which they manhandled Berekum Arsenal at Techiman and virtually no punishment was meted out to them-walked freely and boasting of having the men.
How can football in our country develop when there is total unfairness when it comes to punishing some clubs,some are punish and others are left of the hook.
l am by this piece of write-up calling on the Disciplinary committee to ensure there is fairness,this time in the case at hand.The replay must occur since the game was rained off.We nee to have wealthy champions of this particular zone,qualification must be meritorious and not through any form of inducement or artificial means .
”A word to the wise should be ultimately enough”.

Raymond Yeboah and Alhaji Mahama Salia-Fiewura-moonlite fm