How to prepare bankye Akakro

By | January 25, 2015

Have you been wondering how Akaakro is made? Well lets get into the kitchen.
2.5 lbs. ripe and very soft plantain or as available in quantity
Palm oil or cooking oil
1 lbs. dough or hard flour
Lets gets frying:
Prepare your pepper, onions and ginger and grind well in an *asanka*.
Peel the plantain.
Beat or pound well in a palm nut mortar[abewoduro] or grind in an asanka with the ground ingredients to mix thoroughly too.
Put oil on fire and allow to heat
fetch the ground or pounded mixture with a spoon or your hand in lumps and dump into hot oil to fry.
Note: DO NOT try turning the lumps of akaakro when still fresh in the oil. That may cause the lumps to split and spoil your saucepan.
Add more lumps to adequately cover the whole saucepan you are using.
You will notice it will start floating and that shows that side has properly fried.
Use a ladle or spoon to turn the akaakro gentle for the upper sife to fry as well.
Make sure it doesn’t burn.
Fetch the prepared akaakro and place in a sieve for oil to drain out of it.
Voila! It’s all done.