How To Text Your Ex Back

By | May 26, 2016

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Sometimes, break ups are inevitable. They play an important role in our personal development. And they do help us start life anew and enjoy the freedom one needs to discover our true inner self and come out of a life’s crossroad. But sometimes, break ups are necessary to understand that previous life suited you better and that you love the other person to the extent that you want to get him back into your life.

If that’s your case, you’ll have to try hard to get the other person to agree on getting back together. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been the initiator of the breakup or your Ex.

All break ups have consequences such as social and emotional changes that each side has to tackle. So you can’t get your hopes much up, but nor can you give up on the love of your life. Remember, there always is hope. And there always is a chance to rebuild a broken relationship and revive the spark.relationshipeguide

So here are 5 ways you can text your ex back!

1. Don’t dwell on the past, because it hurts!

How To Text Your Ex Back The last thing you want to do is dwell on the past and talk it over and over with the ex you’re trying to get back into your life. Instead, you want to put an emphasis on a new beginning and the chance to have a brighter future in front of both of you.

2. Say no to jealousy

You don’t want to end up being a freaky ex that keeps calling and calling over and over again to find out who’s the ‘other one’ your ex’s been with that night in the bar. If you want to get your ex back – you’ll have to say no to jealousy attacks, yet keep yourself on your toes for any eventuality.

3. Compliments can revive the spark

It’s very important to compliment the person you like. But this doesn’t mean you have to shower your ex with compliments. Instead, throw in some nice phrases at your ex so that he or she knows that the ‘like factor’ is still on, and the passion is not gone forever.

4. Don’t try too hard, if you want to make it last!

How To Text Your Ex Back Just like when trying to lose weight for an important upcoming event you don’t want to go on a crazy diet because it may cause short-term effects after which you’ll probably gain even more weight than ever before, same happens when trying to get your ex back. If you want to make it last..don’t try too hard! Let it happen by itself!

5. Let your heart guide you

You don’t want to get your ex back to dump him or her afterwards! Your desire to get back together has to come from the bottom of your heart, and not your ego!

Make sure that you listen to these pieces of advice as they can help you a lot when trying to get your ex back.Text Your Ex Back

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