It’s not about me- it is about us, the proverbial “Ghanaman”syndrome

By | July 17, 2015

My name is Kwaku Duah Emmanuel,I am a Ghanaian.This article is not about me,it is about my motherland,it is about everyone who is certified either by birth,marriage or adoption by the 1992 constitution of Ghana as a is about us.I have had a change of focus these past few months and I will let you on a secret;true greatness lies in the service of others.

When I was a child,I remember I used to take a train with my father to town every morning,I remember the visits to the stadium and I was always amazed by the crowd,things have changed now. I have grown to know much, I care too much to know enough. Our transportation systems are bad,dumsor is worse,import and export rates are high,foreign investment is on the low,corruption everywhere. I listen to the media and all I hear is blame games and I was no exception myself but all our problems points to our inability to lead ourselves,to make decisions about our lives. Leading ourselves comes with making decisions and acting them out.

The of decisions we make changes the world for that matter,Ghana. Admiral William H McRaven, United States of America special operations commander gave a speech at the university of Texas Austin to the 2014 graduation batch and he said;”a young army officer make a decision to go left instead of right on a mission in Baghdad and he is saved together with ten soldiers from close-in and ambush”. His decision changed the lives of ten people! But if you really think about it not only ten soldiers were saved,their families were saved,so was their families families,generations were saved by a single decision. Changing lives for that matter the world or your country can happen anywhere and anyone can do it.

I write to all citizens,specially the youth to challenge them to make this country a better place not only for themselves and it all starts with a decision,a decision against corruption,bribery,favoritism,nepotism,against violence,against selfishness,for with selfishness there is no good service and no greatness. Everyone is destined for greatness,it all depends on the choices you make.

At the end of his speech he concluded;” if you start everyday completing a task,not disregarding the little things,find help because you can never do it alone,respect everyone because you will need their help,stand up to the bullies,people will try to intimidate you,remain calm at the darkest moment where it seems you are alone because you chose to go left instead of right, you will fail,you might often fail but you must never ever give up now,you will change Ghana.