Let parents perform their duties or risk 'destroying education' – NAGRAT

By | July 20, 2015

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has indicated that that government risks ‘destroying education’ in the country by taking up the responsibilities of parents.

NAGRAT Vice President, Angel Karbonu was of the view that the educational sector will suffer great harm if the government fails to fulfill the responsibilities it has taken up.

He said on Citi FM’s  News Analysis programme, The Big Issue on Saturday: “There are essentials of education; teaching and learning materials. If 10,000 shoes are provided, there are over 600,000 children in basic schools and the number provided is just a drop in the ocean. The problems have not been solved. Only an intervention has been made.”

“We mustn’t rely on interventions and sidestep the essentials of teaching and learning. If you realise as a government that you are not capable of providing them, be honest with the people and cede that responsibility back to the parent so that at least even in their suffering and their struggle they will be able to provide something. This issue of taking over [all the responsibilities] and at the end of the day not providing, destroys education,” he added

He admitted that government’s interventions in the schools were necessary although the rate at which they occurred should be checked.

“Interventions are always necessary for running any third world country. So I am not against them but when interventions become the norm that is where there is a problem,” Angel Karbonu opined.


The plight of the basic schools in the country has been brought into sharp focus recently after the headmistress of a school in Kukurantumi was berated by the wife of the Vice President for requesting government’s help to acquire chalk.

A visit by Citi News to the area further revealed that the schools did not have electricity to power the computers donated by the second lady.



By: Edwin Kwakofi/citifmonline.com/Ghana