Man reveals how 4 Ghanaians were executed in Libya

By | June 22, 2016

General News of Wednesday, 22 June 2016



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A Ghanaian, who once lived in Libya, Jeffrey, in a lengthy chat with Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM, made shocking revelations about the plight and death of some four Ghanaians in Libya.

He revealed the pathetic situation where some innocent Ghanaians were imprisoned and others executed for no just cause.

Jeffery witnessed the execution of an Ex-Ghanaian Soldier, John Kojo Blankson, Charles Ansah, Asare Bediako, Samuel Ayitey and Charles Asare by firing squad.

He narrated that they left to Libya to look for greener pastures and among them, John Kojo Blankson and Asare Bediako were Mechanics.

Jeffrey revealed how the four Ghanaians befriended a Libyan called Majeeb whose elder brother was part of the cabinet of Libyan Military leader, Gaddafi.

He noted that Ghanaian residents in Libya called the late Libyan Head of State Muammar Gaddafi ‘Kweku Atta’ for fear of being killed if they should be heard mentioning Gaddafi’s name.

He noted that Majeeb introduced his Ghanaian friends to his Arab friends from Algeria.


According to the narrator, unknowingly Majeeb transacted cocaine business with the Algerian friends at the workshop of the Ghanaians.

“Majeeb was given cocaine consignments which he refused to pay the Algerians after the sale of the illegal drug. Because they didn’t know Majeeb’s house, they came to the workshop of the Ghanaians since that is the place he (Majeeb) transacts his illegal business.

“One day, the two Algerian friends came looking for Majeeb so they were led by one of the Ghanaians to Majeeb’s house and left after directing them to the house. About 45 minutes to an hour later, some Libyan police officers stormed the Ghanaian shop to arrest them, accusing them of killing Majeeb; several attempts to explain the actual issue proved futile.”

He noted that the Algerians beheaded Majeeb in cold blood, so the three Ghanaians, Charles Ansah, Asare Bediako and John Kojo Blankson were arrested, but Samuel Ayitey wasn’t part of those arrested for Majeeb’s murder, he had an issue with a Libyan and was given a death sentence.


The narrator revealed that the Embassy couldn’t help when they were killed by Firing squad, adding that a letter was sent to the Ghana Government, yet the government hasn’t taken responsibility to help the families of the deceased.

He further said the then Ghana Ambassador in Libya signed the death warrant of these innocent Ghanaians who were assassinated.

He noted that the Government at that time was the NPP, but the arrest and execution of Ghanaians started in the Rawlings regime (1996).

Due to Ex-President Rawlings’ mutual friendship with Libyan Military leader, Muammar Gaddafi, the Ghanaians arrested were held hostage and not killed; consequently, the NPP Government should have intervened for the release of the Ghanaians, but these people were left to their own fate.

“John Kojo Blankson’s family requested for his corpse, but the Foreign Affairs Ministry charged exorbitant amount before the body was to be conveyed to Ghana. Since 2008 till now no government has been able to make enquiries about the death of these Ghanaians and the whereabouts of those imprisoned.”

Ghana’s foreign ministry has had cause to, now and again, make trips to Libya and even West African neighbour Gambia to investigate the massacre of Ghanaians and to demand assurances that such barbaric acts will cease. But they seem to continue unabated.