Mind Shift Foundation Launches Conflict Mentorship Program

By | July 17, 2015

“The truth however is that we have been backward since 1985 because some people simply want to fight”-Elizabeth Bidzakin (Founder)

All across the world, there have been both huge and minor conflicts claiming the lives of thousands and at same time retarding the developmental agenda that the world is so passionate to achieve.

Here in Ghana, the situation isn’t odd; there have been lots of unrecorded and unpublicized series of such conflicts that have created various uncertainties in many communities in the Northern Regions.

Mindshift Foundation

In getting this menace solved and eradicated, Elizabeth Bidzakin; a Law Student, Research Analyst, President and Founder of the Mind Shift Foundation believes what we need to be talking about is the solutions we need to use to address such activities. Also to make sure gradually, they come to an abrupt end.

She believes creating a positive mind-set among young people would enable a Mindshift that would promote activities to end such conflicts.

In making that dream a reality, the Mind Shift Foundation has taken its activities to Nakpanduri in the Bunkprugu Yunyoo District in the Northern Region to launch its yearlong Mentorship Scheme that it believes will help create the platform to assist young people and help them solve the situation of conflicts across the country on the 11th of July, 2015.

With over 15 mentors and Career coaches,50 students from beneficiary schools; Nakpanduri Business Senior High School and Presbyterian Vocational and Technical Senior High School will get the opportunity to participate in the debut mentoring program which will aid the shaping of their minds amongst other activities which include breakout sessions and intensive career training.

For more information on participation, partnership and sponsorship, kindly visit www.mindshiftfoundation.org, call 0240078310, email [email protected] , [email protected] and watch Mind Shift Foundation on YouTube through this link (https://YouTube.com/DRMMJUfv3Ko )

We call on all to extend their support towards this program to help modify conflict prone areas and aid them enjoy the peace that we all wish for in life.

Lets’ help change minds to change lives.

The Launch is sponsored by Mandate Books in partnership with Ghana Think Foundation.v