Nandom Midwifery Training College Interview Questions

By | April 17, 2017

Nandom Midwifery Training College Interview Questions

There are several Nandom Midwifery Training College Interview Questions that are asked during the nursing admission phase. The interview is just to select the strong from the weak. There is nothing extraordinary from the normal interview we know. Just be yourself, confident and express yourself.

Sample Nandom Midwifery Training College Interview Questions

Dress as if you were going to a business interview. This would include:

Solid color, conservative suit (black, blue)
Coordinated blouse
Moderate shoes
Limited jewelry (pearls are a nice touch)
Neat, professional hairstyle
Tan or light hosiery
Sparse make-up & perfume

Try to relax and be yourself. Project a positive, self-confident, sincere, congruent attitude (not cocky or arrogant–this will turn off the interviewer fast). Lean forward slightly in the chair, smile, make eye contact, don’t cross arms or legs. Appear at ease and enthusiastic. Speak in complete sentences with correct grammar and intelligent vocabulary.
Questions to anticipate:
Why do you want to be a nurse? (Another variation would be–Why have you chosen nursing as a career?)
How are your finances? Will your employer support your scheduling needs during nursing school? (We at this point interject our limitations–no working past 11 PM on clinical nights, no working more than 20 hours /week with a full time school
Is your family supportive of your schooling?
Do you have adequate transportation for clinicals? (Some of our clinical sites may be 2 hrs away from students’ residences.)
We interject our requirements for immunizations, a complete medical examination, by a certain date. Have as many of these done prior to the interview as possible! It really helps!
What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Never give much information about weaknesses–this is just supplying reasons for you NOT be chosen).
Study habits.
Past school and work history.
It is even possible they may throw a case scenario at you to test your critical thinking skills: You are the nursing student on a clinical unit and the patient (on the 4th floor of the hospital) asks you “Would I die if I jump from this window?” What would you do? Or, you are the nurse and you are reporting an important change in patient condition to a doctor and the doctor yells at you and calls you stupid, what would you do?
Why have you chosen this particular nursing school?
Why do you want to be a nurse? (be creative on this one…they have heard “to help people” a million and one times )
What do you think a nurse’s responsibility is in today’s society?
What kind of experiences have you had with nurses in your past?
What qualities do you possess that will make you a good nurse?
What area would you like to work in once you finish school, and why?
In regards to nursing, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
How well do you get along with others?
Are you a leader or a follower?
Are you comfortable taking a leadership role?
Are you willing to be a representative for a small group of people or the whole nursing program?
Do YOU have any questions? (I figured out they like the people who ask alot of questions]
Was also asked about how did I deal with a situation when a person who did not know me decided that he/she didn’t like me? Interpersonal relations
I was asked what would I do if I noticed a classmate cheating
I was asked for my definition of plagiarism
I was asked if I was familiar with the APA style of writing and citing papers.
The most rewarding thing in your life thus far?
The most challenging thing in your life so far?
The type of educator/supervisor you like the most?
Scenario: Your supervisor comes to you and your small team of co-workers and tells you that a new change in policy is effective immediate. You do not think the change can be implemented due to logistics. What do you do?
Your short-term (3-5 years) goal in nursing?
Your long term (5+ years) goal in nursing?
As far as tips:
Be honest.
Do not give vague or general answers – they are looking for specific examples in your life.
Review your application and essay – assume that the interviewer is not familiar with it.
Be familiar with current trends in nursing – helps to demonstrate why you want to become a nurse and how you feel you can make a contribution in the profession.
Don’t be afraid to show emotion. I cried twice during my interview in relating some life examples.
Practice with a partner. Anticipate these questions and think up the most positive attributes about yourself.
By another interviewer
I didn’t feel an authoritative getup would be appropriate, so I wore a blue blazer, light slate blue shirt (non-button-down), khaki pleated dockers, brown wing-tip suede shoes, and a rep tie (cinnamon with white and blue stripes). I’m over 50 and have a crew cut, so I wanted to soften the edges. If you’re right out of high school, you might want to wear a more authoritative look. The above (I imagine every male on the planet owns a blue blazer and gray or khaki pants, or a dark blue suit) with the only changes being a white shirt and black shoes will add years to your image. I wouldn’t wear a pinstripe suit or anything that makes me look like a businessman, lawyer, or accountant. Not that I own anything trendy, but dress like you would for your mom. Be neat. Be early.
Another interviewer
The hardest question for me, which was not listed, when i was interviewed for nursing school was – what is the worst situation as a nurse that you think you would have to deal with?
Could you handle that kind of situation?
These are some of the Nandom Midwifery Training College Interview Questions to expect