National Service Scheme Grace Marks

By | February 27, 2019

National Service Scheme Grace Marks,  Guidelines for the Award of Grace Marks for CBCSS Undergraduate Programmes other than Professional Programmes.

  1. The maximum Grace Marks that can be awarded to a student in a particular year for all activities put together should not exceed 25%. (MGUO No.2180/01`/Ac.AVIII/2016 dtd.16.4.2016)
  2. The Grace Marks will be calculated on the basis of the maximum marks of each theory paper, if not specified otherwise
  3.  Eligible Grace Marks shall be distributed equally on all papers / courses of an examination.
  4. The Grace Marks shall be given for all papers /courses/subjects in a year irrespective of whether the programme is annual or semester. For semester programmes, the percentage shall be same as applicable to annual programme.
  5. Re-distribution of Grace Marks shall be allowed only in the case of those courses of an examination for which candidate has passed ie re- distribution can be done from passed courses to failed courses only. Re- distribution of grace mark is not permissible from failed courses to other courses for a pass.

Rule on grace marks for NSS, NSC students by next session, says Vinod Tawde

Students who are members of the NSS and NSC may get to know how many grace marks out of 10 the university had awarded them in exams by next March or by the next session of the state legislature.

The issue was raised in the upper house on Tuesday. Sanjay Dutt asked why unlike in other universities, students of University of Mumbai were not being given grace marks which they are entitled to.

Replying to the question, Ravindra Waikar, minister of state for education, said that marks were being awarded, but since Mumbai University had the grading system, grace marks were not available separately.

Members of the House were, however, not convinced. They said they had come to know that all members of the NSS and NSC were not being given grace marks, but only borderline cases were being awarded grace marks.

“Why don’t you call a meeting of students organisations and teachers associations and hear what they have to say on this,” asked Bhai Jagtap, another member of the council.

Vinod Tawde, minister of education, stated that the government would try and hold such a meeting. “The issue as such will be dealt with by the academic council. We are of the view that administrative and academic issues are different and we should not interfere in academic issues. We will arrange a meeting with organisations of students and teachers, and by March or in the next session come out with a rule on this issue,” he said.