No Beating Policy:The Fight against Canning of Pupils

By | January 31, 2017
  1. Spare the rod and spoil the child. I heard it too many times in Ghana.
Do u beat your kids? I know many Ghanaian children are beaten. But why not?
Many experts have studied this and they found out a few things about why it’s very bad:
1. U kill curiosity in the kid. Curiosity is important when u wanna learn new. Curios people change the world to the better. They invent new things n try new ways. The modern world is changing so it’s important to be able to change.
2. U make distance to your child. For every time you beat, the distance gab become bigger n bigger. The kid don’t trust u n therefore don’t go to u when in trouble. Sometimes the beating was a mistake because the child was innocent. Then u can’t take the beating back. You can take words back not beating.
3. Beating don’t help. Kids don’t learn from beating. It won’t make them understand what they did wrong, so how can they change? The 8nly thing they learn is fear.
4. When you beat your child you teach them to solve problems by beating. We  humans, we can talk.
5. Clever people talk unintelligent/ignorant people beat because don’t have words enough for debating.
6. The latest research shows that children who are beaten at home have a much higher risk of getting a bad/criminal  as adults. Children who r not beaten has a much better chance of becoming good adults with strong jobs. So beating is a bad investment.
Can I beat the kid sometimes? NO.