Provost of CoS Hosts Male Students

By | April 5, 2017

Published: 05 Apr 2017 Source: University Relations Office (URO)

Male Students

The second session of the College of Science confab dubbed “Meet the Provost” has been held for male science students of the College. The programme which was held at the Allotey Auditorium on the 3rd of April 2017, was on the theme “Stress Management”.

Mr. Samuel Yawson, clinical psychologist, College of Art and Built Environment, examined the various negative stressors that students encountered: finance, peer influence and academic struggles being the key ones. He advised that students should have regular plans for their lives, and make effective use of their time in order to achieve their targets. He encouraged students to develop positive mindsets about themselves, build up public speaking skills in order to boost their confidence, cultivate good study habits and always speak to someone about their problems.

Ms. Akua Afriyie Addae, the clinical psychologist of the College, stated that the key function of the university was not solely to ensure the academic excellence of students, but also to ensure complete human development. She reiterated the need for students to develop a positive mindset and active will to accomplish their goals. She added that active participation in lectures and presentations will boost their confidence.

She explained that criticisms were not meant to demean students but rather to help improve the quality of work they produce. She advised students to measure their strengths and weaknesses before setting goals. Unattainable goals, she said, would become a stressor for students.

Professor Mrs Ibok Oduro, Provost, CoS, encourage students not to take criticisms personal. They are rather to test their emotional intelligence. She further recommended that students should develop the ability to filter and pick up key issues in their readings. Prof. Oduro concluded that students should visit the College Counselling Centre or the KNUST Counselling Centre for assistance if they are in any difficulty.