ReaderApp launches revolutionary app to buy and sell ebooks

By | February 15, 2019

Are you a writer struggling to get your books online? Or a reader trying to get your hands on a book from your favorite author?
Worry no more! Readerapp is here to provide 100% convenience for the sale and purchase of E-books.

ReaderApp provides a convenient way for self-published authors and Publishing Houses to make available digital copies of their books to their fans and readers.

Readers have the convenience of buying the book using Mobile Money, Visa or MasterCard.

ReaderApp does not only create a convenience of Publishing and buying, we also give you the convenience to withdraw your royalties via Mobile Money.

Publishing, Reading and getting your royalties with ReaderAppjust got easier, fun and exciting.
Here is how it works for self-published authors and Publishing Houses:
1. Download ReaderApp from google playstore [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ]
2. Create an account on ReaderApp. Sign up process takes less than a minute.
3.  Upload your book on ReaderApp for verification: manual verification takes less than 24 hours.
4. Once the book has been approved it will appear live on ReaderApp market for people to buy and read.
5. Announce that the book is available for live for to readers to buy.
6. Publisher receives royalties of books purchased through mobile money

For readers or individuals
1. Download ReaderApp from google playstore [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
2. Create a subscriber account on ReaderApp with your credentials. Sign up process takes less than a minute.
3. You can now buy your favorite book on the ReaderApp store and payment can be made through mobile money(All networks supported)
or with Visa Card.
4. Book is immediately added to your individual library and can be read in the app in a simple reader designed to facilitate your reading experience.


Download ReaderApp now and enjoy the digital publishing revolution. Make money, gain wisdom and be in control of your royalties anytime and any day. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ]

ReaderApp. The convenience of Publishing and reading

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