St. John's High School teachers seek transfer after attacks

By | June 11, 2016

General News of Saturday, 11 June 2016



Poor Teacher Teacher writing on chalk board. File photo.

Teachers of the St. John’s 1 and 2 Primary and Junior High School in Accra New Town have deserted the school and are clamouring for immediate transfers in the wake of the attacks last week by some unknown group of bulky-looking young men that stormed the compound of the school to beat up teachers.

Student had to run helter-skelter for their lives as the heavily built men Tuesday went berserk battering anyone on sight.

It was a scene of pandemonium and utter confusion on the compound of the St John’s 1 and 2 Primary and JHS as the men dashed about the school’s compound looking for teachers to beat up after a student of the school was reportedly punished by her class teacher.

Eventhough the Police are on the hunt for the alleged thugs who besieged the school compound to beat up the teachers, headmistress of the school, Grace Richman said it makes no sense to re-open the school now since teachers are refusing to go back to the classroom aftermath the harrowing incident.

According to her, most of them are traumatised after the incident and hence even if the teachers are made to return to post she believes they won’t be able to do any meaningful work because they feel insecure now.

“…They are really traumatised and some are seeking transfers to other places. And I don’t think if they go there they will do any meaningful work,” she said.

The incident has left to the closure of the school.