Takoradi SHS Qualifies to One-Eighth Stage of NSMQ 2017 after a Tie-breaker Contest

By | June 15, 2017

Takoradi SHS narrowly escaped elimination from the ongoing National Science & Maths Quiz after winning a nerve-wracking one-eighth contest.

The winner of the fiercely contested fixture was determined by a tiebreaker.

Tadisco came from behind in dramatic fashion to carry the day in a contest that featured Benkum SHS and Oguaa SHTS.

The scores at the end of the third round saw Oguaa SHTS making 11points whilst Benkum SHS and Takoradi SHS were at par with 19 points.

But it was Benkum SHS who doubled their effort to take the lead once again in the penultimate round (True or False). At the end of this round, it was near impossible for Oguaa SHTS to win the competition as margins between them and the two leading schools were wide apart. Takoradi SHS and Benkum SHS managed to pull 23 and 29 points respectively.

The tenacity of Takoradi SHS gave them a lifeline in the competition after putting up a sterling performance in the fifth and final round to equalize the points of Benkum SHS.

Four riddles were to be answered in the final round of the contest. At this point, Benkum SHS needed to answer only one riddle to win the competition.

They rang and failed to answer the first riddle and so did Takoradi SHS and Oguaa SHTS.

Oguaa SHTS managed to correctly respond to the second riddle, giving a bit of relief to Benkum SHS.

But it was the Tadisco contestants, Emmanuel Lord Eshun and Jeremiah Fumi-Farco, who succeeded in unraveling two (2) of the riddles to earn six points to equalize the points of Benkum SHS.

The contest was to be decided in by a tie-breaker and any of the two schools who rang and answered the question correctly would be declared the winner and qualify for the quarter finals.

The two schools missed the first question that was posed to them by the Quiz mistress, Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann. Takoradi SHS precisely and accurately answered the second question after Benkum SHS failed to seize the opportunity to answer correctly.

Oguaa SHTS and Benkum SHS ended the contest with 21 and 29 points respectively whilst Takoradi SHS finished tops with 32 points.

The 2017 edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz is sponsored by the Ghana Education Service through the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) and supported by Tigo, GOIL, Prudential Life Insurance, Accra College of Medicine and GCB Bank.