Teachers do not trust Unions in the GES because of their Track Records-Innovative Teachers

By | January 28, 2017

Most teachers in Ghana are believed to have lost absolute trust in all the teacher unions in the Ghana Education service,this according to Stephen Desu,the President of Innovation Teachers ,a new union of teachers in the Ghana Education Service was as a result of the track records of the teacher unions.

Written  on his facebook wall,Stephen Desu related the problem to the inability of teachers to retrieve their monies when they leave the association.

Stephen used the opportunity to introduce a business venture to members of the Innovation Teachers Union,which was in relation to operating a fixed deposit account with the Agricultural development Bank.

According to him the fixed deposit account is not going to be compulsory. It is going to be opened to all teachers regardless of their association to be part. ADB is in the process of making the fixed deposit account idea possible.

”Innovative Teachers and the Agricultural Development Bank are working to make Teachers benefit from the idea. Teachers who will be interested in it will go to any ADB branch to register. ADB will appear on their pay slips. The purpose of the fixed deposit account is to bring teachers together to do business. It is important for teachers to note that working with your money is the best. Doing business alone is good but doing business in a group is the best. Owning one percent of one million Ghana cedis is better than owning hundred percent of nothing. You can’t save money and preserve it’s value over a long time because of the constant depreciation of the cedi. It is instructive to note that the cedi has depreciated more than four hundred percent since July 2007. ” he stated.