The team's first game will be on Tuesday.

By | June 27, 2016

Barcelona arrived in Los Angeles and soon held the first press conference, attended, including the coach and captain Enrique Iniesta. They are all excited about the challenge of the season. “My goal is to keep everyone’s enthusiasm, then the achievements of the Triple Crown.” Enrique represents. Iniesta said: “We have a great challenge this season, we want to continue last season’s performance last season, we are very good, but there is room for improvement fifa 16 coins..”

“After a period of rest will affect the state of the game. Our training week in Barcelona, ??the next warm-up match is also very useful after returning fifa 16 ps4 coins, it will help us better to start the season.” Iniesta representation.

“The warm-up match will help us prepare for the race of the new season.” Enrique concluded.

The new season’s first race will be the Super Cup against Sevilla. “The competition this time of difficulty will increase, in principle, the Super Bowl must be very difficult, but we’re ready now I do not know who will be sent to play, but the state of good players will get a chance.” Enrique represents.

Xavi Iniesta asked not feel in next. “I feel very different, we went through a lot together. No Harvey’s team is very different. He loved much, we miss him, but we will strive to continue the state, I hope he has good luck.” Yinie Si Talbott said.

Iniesta also referred to the recent elections: “This is an important day many of the club members to vote, and elected Bartomeu remain in office, I hope he can continue this good work performance..” sell fifa 16 ultimate team coins for XBOX360,XBOXone,PS3,PS4,IOS and Android.You can also learn latest fifa 16 news from