University Checklist; Items every freshman must bring to school this September

By | August 2, 2017

University Checklist; Items every freshman must bring to school this September

Are you still unsure of what to bring to university? This ultimate guide is just what you need

If you’re one of the thrilled young people expecting to be in university this year, you’re probably having a great headache over what to send to school.

And yes, I know! It’s like these schools forget to add a checklist of items you need to bring. How do they expect you to know what to bring to school for an entire school year?
Stress yourself no more because you’ll have a comprehensive list of items you won’t forget to send to school if you keep your head up and read this article to the last word…
Disclaimer: You’re not going to an alien world of zombies. Don’t pack like you need your entire life possessions to survive. Some of these items in the checklist can be purchased on campus so your baggage doesn’t need to feel like you’re ready for a space expedition. And oooh, congratulations! You’re officially on your own. Don’t screw it up!
Passport/National ID/driving license or some form of ID
University admissions letter.
All your Student Finance Documents and receipts
Hall of residence documents.
Your course acceptance letter.
Your bank details and bank card.
Passport photos (about 10 of them)
Exam certificates (definitely bring them if you want to apply for scholarship and loans)
Do not forget this: Almost every university gives you a unique student identification number on your admission letter. You’d need it everywhere. Make a conscious effort to know it by heart and you’re one point above every other freshman.
Mobile phone and charger
Extension cable/s (if you want to be best friends with your roommates)
USB memory stick (probably one of the goodies you’d get when you arrive)
Do not forget this: Dear queening ladies, you don’t want to spend your life’s worth on your hair. And trust me you can. Saloons are super expensive. Get a Blow dryer, Hair curlers, Curling iron, and Hair straightener if you want to save money.
When it comes to the clothing you’re packing for school, it’s more about your style of dressing. Dress neatly and decently but don’t try to impress. No one really cares. Pick your clothes and don’t forget to add these ones….
All your old school uniforms (Don’t lose an opportunity to flaunt your high school pride)
Suit or formal wear (There’s always a fresher’s dinner and you have to slay!)
Flip flops (chale wote)
Swimwear (You can’t be in the university and not know how to swim)
Lots of loungewear – you’ll spend most of your time in comfortable clothes.
Dressing gown or fleece
Bag or rucksack.
Shoes and sneakers
Do not forget this: Your room would look like ‘clutter central’ if you don’t have hangers.
Bring a lot of them. In a spacious room, get a clothes horse or a just any box to keep your dirty clothes.
I’m all about saving money because if you find yourself in some of the elite schools in the country especially in the capital, living can get expensive depending on your lifestyle.
All the ‘I don’t have time to cook people’ have enough money to spend. Don’t listen to them. You can always cook on weekends.

Unfortunately, most kitchens in the halls of residences are completely empty. So, if you can afford, bring all these items.

Rice cooker (it turns out to be an everything cooker too)
Electric burner
Fridge (a table top would do)
A couple of bowls and plates.
Cutlery Frying pan
Mugs and glasses.
A saucepan
A sharp knife
A baking tray
Tupperware (these are just plastic bowls and cups)
Tea towels (also known as napkin)
Vegetable peeler
Dish sponges
A tin opener
Bottle opener with a corkscrew
Bedsheets, duvet cover, pillow cases
Mattress protector
Coat hangers
Laundry bag or basket – for dragging items to and from the laundry room.
Clothes horse.
Door stop.
Ear plugs.
Hot water bottle.
Toothbrush and toothbrush holder.
Paracetamol and cold & flu medicine for Fresher’s Flu.
A wash bag.
Any personal medication
Antiseptic cream
Nail scissors.
A torch
Swiss army knife
A sewing kit
Blu tac or pins
Change for washing machines and bus fares.
Playing cards.
Alarm clock.