Vice President Amissah Arthur's wife must re-think

By | July 19, 2015

Feature Article of Thursday, 16 July 2015

Columnist: Peter Ackah


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“Ghana needs leaders that think about the next generation and not the next election” says Nana Addo Darkwa the presidential candidate of NPP.

Things are becoming clear and visible for all Ghanaians to see the people who are plunging our nation Ghana into accident especially our education system.

Just read below what a heartless second lady of NDC government has to say on shortage of chalks, Attendence registers, log books, and other Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) in schools

““The Head teacher has shocked me…she said, you lack chalk and log
books… I am very shocked that you are today asking me about chalk… how much is a box of chalk… I won’t give you chalk today, I won’t give you chalk tomorrow…,” … Design a database of old students of the school and together
with the PTA and teachers, provide your own chalk…,” she said.

“Secondly, you talk about log books and school uniforms, I think we have SPOILT you so parents don’t want to even buy school uniforms… head teacher eii, find another means of helping yourself….

“I will even FEEL SHY to go to Accra and call on the government to come
and provide chalk…it would be VERY DIFFICULT for me to do so…,” she said.

I thought a woman of her caliber would have consoled teachers, parent and students for the mess her husband and her government has brought to them.

Mrs Amissah Arthur was one of the strongest advocates who claimed Ghana cannot have Free Education in 2012 elections.

She is now telling parents and teachers who have already paid taxes for provisions of the materials to stop relying on government. She claimed government is providing school uniforms and sandals so teachers and parents must also provide TLMs in school.

This is the better Ghana Agenda this woman preached in 2012 and still deceiving Ghanaians for better things ahead in 2016. It is now clear to all Ghanaians especially parents and teachers to know the type of people who advises our leaders.

My questions to her are as follows:

1.Did her parents buy chalk for her teachers when she was in school?

2.Does her children schooling outside Ghana demand chalk and marker from her?

3.Does she place her government priority over educational needs of the people?

4.Who will buy chalks and other TLMs for the so-called government Free SHS to be implemented in 2015?

I must say the teachers in Ghana must all wake up and help restore hope in Ghana. Most teachers who have taught for 36 months received 3 months salaries. Is this fair and logical?

Teachers have not received any increment in salaries and the situation is coupled with poor conditions of services. The government is now telling teachers to use their own money to buy chalks and other TLMs to teach the children. So now government, has no interest in education. Is this the quality education NDC government promised Ghanaians?

What is more painful in Mrs Amissah Arthur statement is that she feel shy to even tell the husband Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur and NDC government that SCHOOLS NEEDS CHALKS AND OTHER TLMS to teach Ghanian children.

So Second Lady, Mrs Amissah Arthur is telling us that because government is providing some Free School Uniforms, it is now the responsibility of head teachers and parents to provide chalks and log books? But did anybody ask government to provide Free School Uniforms when the kids don’t have chalks to learn with in the first place?

GHANA IS NOT IN A SAFE HANDS UNDER THIS NDC GOVERNMENT. The government is joking with the future of our children. This is BITTER GHANA AGENDA STATEMENT ON EDUCATION yet NDC people will defend it and deceive Ghanaians to vote for them. DO YOU TRUST THIS MAHAMA GOVERNMENT?

Peter Ackah