(Video)GES to Sanction teacher for Using Stones as an Improvised Computer mouse in Class

By | June 13, 2017
The ICT tutor of Assin Asamankese D/A Primary School in the Assin South District of the Central Region, Augustine Kusi has incurred the wrath of the District Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Mrs Sally Nelly Colman who claimed his conduct has disgraced the school and the district as a whole.
A viral video making the rounds on various social media platforms shows students in of school in a classroom improvising a computer mouse by using stones. The video shows the students clicking and double-clicking the stones on instructions by their teacher.

But Mrs Sally Nelly Colman disclosed that the teacher could have applied to her office for the devices if he required them for teaching and learning of ICT which is part of the curricular for basic education.

According to her, improvising stones as mouse for that purpose has made the district a subject of ridicule worldwide and indicate that she may institute sanctions against him in view of the fact that there are some in stock at the GES office which he could have applied and received for the purpose.

Meanwhile Augustine Kusi, says for years the school has had no access to a single computer system after the only desktop given to them became faulty.

“Since I came here those who were in class two are now in class six and we haven’t had anything like a computer that we can use to teach,” he said in the interview.

The teacher says he tries his best to bring the theoretical aspect of the subject (ICT) to the students. This he does to help the students in writing the exams especially the BECE.

He directs students on how to use the computer mouse by using stones and teaches them how to right click and left click in the video that went viral on social media.

Though the children appear happy to learn with the stones, they appeal to the government to get the school some ICT tools for much easier learning.In the interview Mr. Augustine says that they have been pleading for learning materials for long but they fall on deaf ears.

It was however uncovered that lack of basic learning tools aids is not peculiar to the Asamankese D/A as many schools in the rural areas in the district are faced with similar problems