Wassce result sample

By | March 14, 2019

Wassce result sample, With this guide, you can learn how to check WAEC result using phone in less than two minutes. The process is as simple as ABC, and even a first timer will find it easy and with no complication at all. The phone displays the result depending on the screen of your phone where the larger the screen is, the better you can view, analyze and verify the result. With that said, here are the easy-to-follow steps on how to check WAEC result on phone:

Enter the right combination of short message service (SMS) and send it directly to WAEC as shown below:

  1. WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear
  2. The message should have no spaces between numbers and letters.
  3. Send the above combination to WAEC shortcode 32327 using Airtel, MTN or Glo.

You should be able to receive your result within a couple of minutes.

Here is an example to help you understand the process better:

WAEC*8921106738*46532148779*2018 followed by the recipient number 32327. Click on send and wait for your result.

While it is easy to check WAEC result using phone and get it within minutes, you will have to spend an amount of money for the service. This is usually at an average of N30 whether the information is correct or wrong. An exception to this is where the SMS format is incorrect, or you miss to key in the correct shortcode. It is also worth noting that the required PIN is the one shown on your WAEC result checker card.

The alternative way of checking WAEC result using mobile phone

The method of checking WAEC result by sending an SMS directly to WAEC is easy and convenient, but there is another easy way to check WAEC result using phone. For this case, you can choose to use special mobile phone application tailored for this purpose known as WAEC result checker.

Checking WAEC result using WAEC result checker application

This application was designed as a tool for confirming GCE result and is allowed only for residents of Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and Sierra Leone. It is also a mobile platform where the examiners can carry out their WAEC result confirmation process at their own convenience. This concerns the students who formally passed the examinations at school and the candidates who privately passed the examinations.

The WAEC result you get using the mobile app are official and accurate, but this can still be verified by visiting WAEC website to check result online. The following are the required details when checking WAEC result using the phone app:

  • Examination number
  • Year of examination
  • The type of examination
  • The service number of the result checker
  • Result checker PIN

The procedure for checking WAEC result using result checker

Here are the steps to enable you to check your result using WAEC result checker:

  1. Key in your index number.
  2. Choose the type of exam which in this case is WAEC.
  3. Select your year of examination, for example, 2018.
  4. Enter the serial number of the card found at the back of your scratch card.
  5. Enter your personal identification number (PIN) that is usually a combination of 12 digits on the scratch card.
  6. Confirm your year of examination and index number to make sure your exam information is correct.
  7. Click on submit.
  8. Wait for display in the popup window. This may take some minutes.

You have learnt how to check WAEC result using phone at your convenient time. However, you should note that these verification procedures have some limitations. To begin with, you are allowed to make five requests for WAEC result using phone. In case you deplete the allowed request times, you will have to use another SIM card in your phone where you get five queries to make again.