What a shame to be Gay

By | July 17, 2015

Feature Article of Friday, 17 July 2015

Columnist: Abdul -Jawad Tiyumba


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Biblically, God created man and from the ribs of man came a woman. Islamically, God created man, and from man, a woman was created. Even in magnetism, north poles repels but north-south poles attracts. Have you ever asked yourself why the batteries in your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cars, etc are positive and negative and not positive positive or vice versa? Even in kingdom animalia, have u ever witnessed two males fighting over their colleague male? No, they fight over that beautiful female.

Do you understand this trends? See how she is beautifully curved, with everything a real man dies to want. See how she flunts her buttocks in those beautiful clothes. Look at beauty and you would know the Master(God) is a good and best architect.

My sister, look at his muscular body, shaped for your pleasure and protection. See those thick beard, making him look handsome and in his voice is an echo of a strong man who won’t hesitate to give you the s3xual pleasure you need. So why throw away all these natural enjoyment to create and practice an abomination that wiped out the entire human race in the era of Lot?

Why do you want to change the natural phenomenon of man-woman for man-man or vice versa all in the name of human rights?

Come to think of it, do you know you are abusing the rights of your body by denying it the natural pleasure it was created to enjoy.

Ask yourselves, what if my dad was gay and mom a lesbian? What if my grandparents were gays? Where would I have been? Do you deem fit in the society? Why are you scared to practice it in the full glimpse of everyone?

This is because it’s an act of shame to which I prefer robbery over it. You sit and pray it should be legalized but what you don’t know is those you are imitating are killing you gradually.

Have you asked yourself why you are using diapers, why there is always a drip from you anus? Do you know there is major contraction of deadly disease through this act? Is it a good experience? How long can you survive this? Where are you my love, flunt what God has given you for me to enjoy by just looking at them and guess what, I can’t wait to be with you in the room having a natural pleasure the creater has granted us.

Funny it is to embrace HOMOSEXUALITY in the world not my continent alone. Brethren, desist from this barbaric act of immorality and deny not the body of it’s right to enjoy the body of the opposite s3x. SAY NO TO HOMOSEXUALS, they are aliens and bad omen on this planet.

Abdul -Jawad Tiyumba
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