what African country speaks Spanish

By | November 23, 2015

what African country speaks Spanish
The Spanish speaking country in Africa is Equatorial Guinea
Here are twenty-two Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Spanish is the primary language spoken in each of these countries.
One of these Spanish speaking countries is found in Africa. Yep, Africa.
Another one of the listed Spanish-speaking countries is found in Europe. This European country colonized all the countries that presently speak Spanish. Can you guess which country this is?
All of the other Spanish-speaking countries listed below are located in Latin America. Latin America is made up of North, Central, and South American countries and there are sixteen Latin American Spanish-speaking countries.
The Caribbean Sea is home to three Spanish-speaking countries.
Below you can learn about each of these twenty-two Spanish speaking countries.  Maybe one day you can visit one or more of these unique Spanish-speaking countries.