Woman rejects husband’s coffin

By | May 23, 2016

General News of Monday, 23 May 2016

Source: dailyguide


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The drama unfolded at Akomadan in the Ashanti Region when a dead woman allegedly rejected a coffin purchased by her husband (name not known) for her befitting burial last Saturday.

Mourners at the funeral were reportedly shocked to the marrow after it became apparent that the deceased, by name Adua Yaa, a mother of 17, was not prepared to go to the grave with her husband’s coffin.

The dead woman reportedly displayed some shocking visible signs that she was not prepared to be buried with the said coffin.

One Adwoa, a resident of Akomadan, temporarily became possessed by the spirit of the dead woman, who reportedly in a loud tone, stated that she didn’t like the coffin and other items bought by her husband for her burial and so it should be changed.

This was followed by the failure of the engine of the vehicle – which was supposed to convey the body to the cemetery – to start. The coffin containing Adua Yaa’s body also fell from a tricycle that was later brought to convey it.

The said coffin was eventually repealed with a new one, purchased by the Yaa’s family before her lifeless body could be taken to the cemetery for burial, which was followed by her funeral.

One Achia, an eyewitness, who was speaking with Ali Baba of Kessben FM, said all preparations had been made by the family of the deceased woman and the body was about to be taken to the cemetery when Adwoa started to talk in a possessed manner.

She said Adwoa stated that she (the dead) didn’t like the coffin which was bought by her husband and so it must be changed, else she wouldn’t go.

Achia said members of the bereaved family didn’t take Adwoa’s mind-blowing utterances lightly and so they quickly bought a new coffin, placed Adua Yaa’s body into it and carried it into a waiting vehicle to be taken to the cemetery, but the engine of tat vehicle would not start.

Achia said after the attempt to use the tricycle had also failed, members of the family were left with no other option than to let some of the young men carry the coffin on their heads to the cemetery, which is located on the outskirts of the town, for burial.

According to an eyewitness, the husband’s coffin was returned to him by Adua Yaa’s family, adding that the man also rejected it.