2015 – and so the adventure begins

By | July 17, 2015


BloggingGhana and the BlogCamp ’15 team officially welcomes and wishes you a Happy New Year.

Many say it’s a normal month after the last month of a year, but to us artists, a new year signifies new beginnings, new successes, new plans, perhaps new everything. Truth is, it isn’t new until you make it. Everyone is positive about 2015 as they were about 2014. Although 2014 passed with a lot of unrealized dreams and plans, we are still hopeful and positive that 2015 will be better, if not perfect, because we have learned from our faults and falls and ready for this journey… this adventure.

This year,
• Stick to that diet plan, eat clean, lose that weight and rock that bikini outfit in 100% confidence
• Try a new meal, a new environment, a new skill, a new risk
• Create that blog and religiously update its content
• Stop cyber stalking that crush and approach her, befriend him
• Be confident to ask her out on a date rather than say “let’s hangout”
• Write a book
• Be happy.

What specific plan do you see yourself realizing this year?