By | July 17, 2015



Do you have yam? If you do, pick it up, you’ll need it. Don’t drop this yam.

On 31st December, 2014 at the Perez Chapel during the watch night service, our President H.E John Dramani Mahama made some remarks that implied an unyielding pledge to banish dumsor forever. He said, “Now this is the interesting part; it [2015] will be one in which we will banish darkness from our land and put an end to dumsor forever”. Conversely on 7th January, 2015, he denied making such promise. He said, “I will not say I gave a promise. It was a last day of 2014, we were having a watch night service to see the beginning of 2015 and during this period everybody says his heart desires to God in order for him to listen to their prayers… I am the President and one of the issues troubling Ghanaians is this energy crisis and so if as the President I, tell God to banish darkness, and let the dumsor end is it not a prayer I’m saying to God?.It was a prayer … I have faith that God has listened to my prayers,”

Trust no one. Keep the yam; it has lasting battery power and can survive when it accidentally falls countless times. Overlook the loud ringing tones: put it on silence; you’re sorted when your smart phone runs out of juice.

The dumsor (power crisis) looks like it’s here to stay for a long time. So far, there has been no substantial sweat to resolve this issue of load shedding affecting our household and industry materials.

That lady won’t be less awed when she sees you with a yam. As a matter of fact, let her be; you wouldn’t want a lady who’s quick to judge a book by its cover, would you?

Your firm is looking at primarily making profits whether the power crises is worse or not. You must be reachable and avoid excuses like, “my phone went off and there was dumsor

The yam is affordable; Nokia, Samsung, Huaweii… Get one.

Here is a look at TiGo’s Drop The Yam advert