Answered: surgical nurse and nurse in anaesthetics who is higher in terms of salary?

By | May 29, 2016


Salaries are based on qualifications which determines jobs descriptions.

In salary allocations, we classify nurses as

Certificate Nurses

Diploma Nurses

Bachelor degree holders

Master’s degree nurses


As long as you are a nurse and hold a bachelors degree , you have similar salary to all nurses which hold the same qualification as you.

Typical base salaries for degree nurses is 1800ghs. So whether you are an an anaesthetic nurse or whatever nurse, the base pay is always similar,  We have nurses we masters and doctorate degrees.

What differentiates the salaries of two nurses with same qualification but different salaries are work allowances and promotion. If you love a particular nursing field, you are more likely to be promoted since you will work well and out of passion. Also different nursing fields have different risks which determines the allowances received.