How to check your NSS posting using the short code

By | July 8, 2017
The national service secretariat has released a short code for checking the 2017/2018 NSS postings.
The NSS short code which is to help resolve the problem of the National Service website going offline during critical periods is to be used on all networks in the country.
The national service short code is *714*77# and can be used on any type of phone with a SIM card which is duly registered on the network.
The short code for checking NSS posting would help protect the confidentiality of the system as well as make the process as simple as possible for service personnel.
Service personnel are to take note that a flat charge of Ghc 2.00 airtime may be charged across all networks.
The national service postings can also be checked without the national service short code using the NSS official website.
Follow the process below to check your NSS posting on the NSS website.
Go to DEPLOYMENT tab, a drop down menu will appear, click on CHECK POSTING
You will see a page with interface like this:Enter your NSS NUMBER to access your posting
Click on SUBMIT and patiently wait for the result Your posting information will appear
Click on the POSTING LETTER tab to display the posting letter
You then print two (2) copies of your posting information and your posting letters
Your Posting letters and posting information printed are to be taken to the Regional Director in the region of your posting for endorsement
A copy of your appointment letter is kept by the region and that of the establishment you have been posted to, after it has been sent to them for endorsement as having assumed duty, a copy is kept by the establishment whilst the second copy is sent to the Regional Director by the service person.